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Watch this video to hear JL’s vision of personalized online coaching.

ABOUT online coaching:

These programs are for the health conscious female who wants to tone up their overall body, work on their glutes (booty) and look great in a bikini!! Featuring lots of awesome leg workouts, upper body toning for great looking arms (GONE ARE THE BINGO ARMS) and hard hitting ab workouts.  JL’s programs are designed specifically to get you looking great but most of all feeling great.

  • Tailored training programme (changing every monthly, 3 mths, 6mths, 12mths)
  • JL’s will be tracking all of your workouts by checking your weight log’s (JL is always watching from a distance to ensure you are progressing along even though she is not beside you).
  • Weekly check-in’s w/JL via text
  • Once a month Skype/FT Check in @ your request
  • One time tailored programs also available



JL is an elite entrepreneur and fitness guru who has gained a strong reputation among professional and amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts for one simple reason: JL teaches by example. She is the proud founder and owner of JL Core Inc., an Ottawa-based fitness training company providing unparalleled results and commitment to clients, a 1st place fitness model, and winner of multiple fitness competitions.

JL brings 30 years of fitness experience to her inspirational and motivational work. Fueled by working with others, her unwavering passion is delivering personal and group fitness training sessions that provide encouragement and invoke energy in each of her clients.  Her “Junk the Funk” group discussions are a move to action, where she inspires, motivates and ultimately helps people find core energy, that “x-factor” which drives them to succeed.

JL’s 30 day 180 initiative takes peak fitness performance to a new level, aimed at achieving physical transformation over 30 days through diet, exercise and recovery.



So thrilled with the amount of renewed energy, increased confidence and courage to step outside my comfort zone that I have gained from working with you! Definitely a total life transformation that I was not expecting when I signed up for a personal trainer! Thank you

VA Droppo

I never thought in a million years that my first step in a gym would be in your gym in my early 50’s. I am now 56 and still going strong thanks to you JL. With your experience and working out with so many supportive and wonderful women in your classes makes it easy to continue on my journey to a healthy life. As it says in your article you make me focus on what I can do and not in what I can’t and I can’t thank you enough.

Jean Burchat

I have been going to JL for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Not only do I feel stronger physically but also mentally. JL finds a way to make you accountable and motivates you to be the best version of yourself.

Sarah Mills-Mallette

3 years and my workouts are never the same…I love that you are always changing things up! You watch us like a hawk and ensure our form is correct…you encourage us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. You make us accountable and want to show up…even at the god awful time of 5am I love seeing my muscles and my confidence grow.

Erika Dawn

I love that I have been with you from the very start and I am a better woman because of you! Not only am I living a healthier life, I’m happier too. You are an amazing woman and truly an inspiration…even at 5:30 am!

Christine Melenhorst

JL is such an inspiration both physically and mentally! I’ve been going to her for about 2 years now and a better person because of it ! Not only is JL an inspiration but the other A-mazing ‘tribe members’ are too! She will always tailor the workout to you and your capabilities and adjusting if you have areas of concern and/or injury. And she absolutely makes you accountable!! You would never have a ‘box gym’ calling you at 6:00am looking for you!

Jayne MacIntyre

I have always had a passion for staying fit, working out and living a healthy lifestyle to the best of my ability. However, I never had the privilege of working under the guidance of a trainer until I met JL 2 years ago. I originally started working out with JL to support my dear friend who started going to see her and all I can say is that I have never looked back!! JL is by far, an inspiration to me physically, spiritually and an amazing woman and friend who truly puts her heart & soul into everything she sets her sights on to do!! She personally takes the time with every single one of her girls or guys in her gym, you never leave feeling that you have not accomplished anything with JL !! And if you aren’t there, she’s at your disposal 24/7 wondering what’s up and to get your ass back in the gym!!! About a year & a half ago, I completely tore every single ligament in my knee , JL came out to my home an hour away to see me the very next day after my injury. She encouraged me throughout my recovery, I was told by my doctors that it could take up to two years to be doing what I did before. I was back at the gym within a few months and within 7 months of my injury, feeling even stronger than before!! At 55 I can honestly say I have never felt this good physically and mentally!! Luv Ya Lots JL !!!!

Sheri Sinclair