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Lift & Build

JL’s strength classes provide a combination of free weight and barbell exercises as well as core exercises intermingle between sets. JL also ensures that everyone in her classes are giving personal attention to help them achieve their own personal fitness goals based on their level of fitness.

For those that want to become members the program also includes body fat composition analysis testing, full body measurements and a suggested food plan to help you stay on track. This fast paced program will provide participants with lots of variation, aimed at maximizing weight loss and muscle growth.  

Classes are restricted to no more than six participants, providing a personal training experience, without the cost of one-on-one sessions.  It should also be noted that as a member you are followed very closely and your presence is important to us so we will be keeping close tabs on how many times each members shows up during the month. If disappearing into the crowd is more your thing then JL CORE is not for you.

As an award winning fitness professional, yoga instructor and personal trainer, JL’s expertise combined with her ability to create an energized and safe environment, motivates participants to achieve results they never thought they could on their own.

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