Performance Recovery & Myofascial Release


This is great class for those that want to strip away deep pockets of tension and adhesions using high grip rubber balls.  JL's P.R. release care is an interactive style of class that leads into deep stretches & strenghthening exercises which also include breath and downregulating your central nervous system. If you workout or are interested in eradicating pain, improving posture & performance then this is your class. You will leave relaxed, restored and feeling great.

NOTE: Online pre-registration is opened now however closes 3 hours prior to class .  If you cancel out of class it must be before the 3 hour window.  Please arrive 5-10 min before class to set your mat up and all props required for class.  If you do not show for class (and no cancellation was made 3 hours prior to class) you will be docked a class off your class pack.  If you cannot make it to a computer to cancel within “the window” please call or text JL @ 298-5689 to let her know.

**Please note that you class pack is valid for (6) months from date of purchase if you bought 20 class pack and (3) months from date of purchase for 10 class pack**

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