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Joanna-Lynn McBain (“JL”) – RYT, YTU, SPI


JL is an entrepreneur and fitness guru who has gained a strong reputation among both professional athletes and avid fitness enthusiasts for one simple reason: JL teaches by example. She is the proud founder and owner of JL Core Inc., an Ottawa-based fitness training company she started in 2012 which provides unparalleled results and commitment to clients.

JL brings 30 years of fitness experience to her inspirational and motivational work. She is fueled by working with others, including the Ottawa Redblacks, the Ontario Hockey League’s Ottawa 67’s, the Ottawa Fury soccer team, amateur and professional athletes, and individuals. She is a 1st place fitness model with the IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics), and winner of multiple fitness competitions, including 1st place in the Canadian Physique Alliance’s Master 35+ category.

Her unwavering passion is delivering personal and group fitness training sessions that provide encouragement and invoke energy in each of her clients.  Her “Junk the Funk” group discussions are a move to action, where she inspires, motivates and ultimately helps people find core energy, that “x-factor” which drives them to succeed – whether the goal is to increase their strength or fitness level, or more fundamentally, to find themselves again.

In September, JL is taking peak fitness performance to a new level. The 30 Day 180 initiative is a book and a path, aimed at turning around eating habits and to feeling better in the skin you’re in. JL doesn’t follow the rules when it comes to expression in her kitchen. Her style blends fresh flavours with inspiration and flair to inspire people to cook – the same outlook that moves people to action and peak physical performance through JL CORE. Download a free excerpt of JL’s upcoming e-book, 30 Day 180, from her website, www.jlcore.ca.



JL Core Energy Studio, which opened in January 2012, is the home base where JL trains athletes for their sport, as well as individuals who have personal goals to reach.  JL is certified in various modalities of yoga such as Hatha, Power and YIN yoga.  JL is also certified in Yoga Tune Up.  She has combined all of this knowledge to create a comprehensive program called PRT (Performance Recovery Therapy) which combines mobilization exercises with the soft tissue conditioning of Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls in addition to Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) who’s primary focus is on mobility/joint strength and flexibility .  PRT can help heighten your sense of proprioception which in turn makes you aware of how you move so you can do what you do BETTER be it sports or in your regular day to day life.