Yoga For Everybody

Affordable 6-8 week classes for all skill levels.

Hatha Yoga (w/ Leanne Damas)

Improve balance, gain flexibility, and find more ease-of-movement in all your daily activities. At the end of each class, you’ll feel physically and mentally restored.

8 weeks
begins April 7 @ 1:30pm



Restorative Yoga (w/ Leanne Damas)

Relieve built-up tension through relaxing, gentle yoga.  Restorative and therapeutic postures provide full support, promoting healing in body and mind.

8 weeks
begins April 9 @ 11:45am



Family Yoga (w/ Jenna Switzer)

Yoga together! Gives you and your kids the chance to stretch and strengthen, while learning great life skills – like finding calm, enjoying movement, and knowing how to relax.

6 weeks
begins April 11 @ 11:30am